Social Media’s New Democracies

After almost a year of confinement, amidst endless hours of Zoom and Team meetings for work, conferences and social gatherings, my travel is now all intellectual. Just this past month, my reading has covered various topics ranging from Vermeer’s Hat: The Seventeenth Century and The Dawn of the Global World by Timothy Brook, Fareed Zakaria’s … Continue reading Social Media’s New Democracies

A photo of a cheerful street parade in 1978 Antigua.

Harmony : Decoding Humans

When I was growing up, my father changed jobs often. Every move was a step up and, more significantly for me at the time, a new address in a new place. I got used to changing schools, neighbourhoods, and sometimes countries in a steady rhythm of departures and arrivals. By the time I was 17 … Continue reading Harmony : Decoding Humans